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J'EQUINE SPORT offers Equine Management Consulting Services touching on a variety of matters such as equine pre-purchase and ownership considerations, basic equine husbandry and equine stable design, operations and risk management including:

  1. Organization
  2. Scheduling
  3. Management
  4. Staffing
  5. Nutrition and feeding
  6. Facility design
  7. Sponsorship and rider management

J'EQUINE SPORT will draw on a broad range of expertise and experience including Equine Science University Degree (with distinction), Certified Massage Therapy plus over a decade of management and sponsorship at the PSG and Grand Prix levels of Dressage with operation of a medium sized private facility.

J'EQUINE SPORT will not be involved with training, coaching or horse trading but we will consult with clients to assist them with their future horse endeavours on issues including boarding agreements, pre-purchase exam forms, agreements for purchase and sale, sponsorship contracts, etc.

An innovative software program designed for easy access organization of feeding, training, veterinary care and competition data will be available for purchase. The software will keep track of and display complete current and historical information for each individual horse under care. The program will interface with the vet and nutritionist and synchronize with hand held devices. On-line support will be available. A portion of sale proceeds from each software package will be donated to an approved equine related cause.

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