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About us

J’EQUINE SPORT promotes classical horsemanship through knowledge and commitment.  In addition to sponsorship of top horses and riders, J’EQUINE SPORT is dedicated to improving equine industry standards.

Strong growth in equine ownership has given rise to a thriving product and services sector targeting the equine industry worldwide.  Those involved must now more tan ever understand consumer needs and deliver products and services in a proper, professional and competitive manner while keeping the  well being of the horse as a primary goal.

J’EQUINE SPORT ON-LINE offers the first international consumer website where anything from farriers and boarding facilities to coaches and trainers can be rated.  The site will provide an invaluable and relevant resource for anyone from first time enthusiast to seasoned professional.

Complimenting this site J’EQUINE SPORT offers certified Equine Management Consulting Services touching on a variety of matters including equine pre-purchase and ownership considerations, basic equine care and equine stable design, operations and risk management.

Klosterhof Medingen

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