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The PSI 2010 auction takes place today! Their catalogue of amazing sale horses can be viewed online on their website.

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The 2009 Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) Annual Conference, Get Connected, was a tremendous success! Over 300 horse-people from across the province attended the Conference at the Delta Meadowvale Resort & Conference Centre in Mississauga over the weekend of November 27-29, 2009. A satisfied delegate declared, “Speakers were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the woman's health session and the conformation sessions.” Another stated, “The sessions I attended were very informative and hopefully I can attend next year to further my equine education.”

The OEF Annual General Meeting was held on Friday night and included presentations from OEF President, Gary Yaghdjian, OEF Executive Director, Deborah Thompson, Equine Canada (EC) President, Mike Gallagher and EC CEO, Akaash Maharaj. Maharaj gave an overview of the new OEF/EC affiliation and what it means for members and Ontario’s horse industry. After a long year of negotiations, the OEF was pleased to make its affiliation with EC official by signing the Affiliation Agreement during the AGM. The subsequent elections saw Mark Dobrindt, Al Patterson, Susan Legge and Lindsey Reeve re-elected to the OEF Board of Directors. The Executive members of the OEF Board are Gary Yaghdjian as President, Allan Ehrlick as 1st Vice-President, Jack de Wit as 2nd Vice-President, Bruce Brown as Treasurer, and Kathy Fremes remained as Secretary. Other returning individual Directors include Alan Barnes, Jeremy Denouden, Ken Denouden, Ross Millar and Bonnie Simpson.

As is tradition, the Friday Night Opening Bash kicked off the weekend, and set the tone for a fun and educational weekend. Presented by Intercity Insurance Services, the bash was open to everyone to network, enjoy efreshments, and visit the Conference Trade Show. Trade Show exhibitors included: Intercity Insurance Services, River Bend Designs, The Best Bandages, Agribrands Purina Canada Inc., E3 Live for Horses,, J’Equine Sport Inc., Australian Shop, Josh Lyons LLC, Brooks Performance Feeds, Central Cart Services Ltd., Nighswander Equestrian Centre/Hilary Balmer and Lasting Memories Pet Memorial.

The Conference education program once again offered delegates a wide variety of topics. Delegates sat in on sessions held Friday, Saturday and Sunday to hear equine experts share their knowledge and know-how on topics that spanned many different disciplines and interests. Speakers included Dr. Marvin Beeman, Dr. John Burton, Bianca Church, Dr. Richard Conrad, Stacey Cronyn, Karin Davis, Mark Dobrindt, Grant Field, Barbara Fogler, Lorraine ilchrist, Lindsay Grice, Mel Gromoff,, Josh Lyons, Mary Ruth Moore, Henry Regelink, Jochen Schleese, Bonnie Simpson, Bill Thomas, Catherine Willson and Danielle Yaghdjian.

The Annual Banquet on Saturday night welcomed 200 guests, who were treated to a very moving presentation made by 2008 Paralympic Gold & Silver medalist, Lauren Barwick. Lauren recounted her journey to the Paralympics and described the special relationship she shares with her mare, Maile. Throughout the evening, with the guidance of the Master of Ceremonies, Doug Moore, the OEF acknowledged members who have experienced achievements or made significant contributions over the past year with the People Make a Difference Awards and the OEF Annual Awards. The OEF was especially pleased to present the Gary Convery Memorial Award of Distinction to Gary Yaghdjian. The Gary Convery Award is presented under unique circumstances that merit special acknowledgment to an individual who has made an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the Ontario equine industry and who exemplifies respect, patience, kindness and understanding.

A variety of items were up for grabs in the Silent Auction and the evening concluded with some of the items being featured in a live auction with auctioneer Clark Merritt. Together, the silent and live auctions raised over $7,000 for the Youth Bursary Fund. In addition, J’Equine Sport Inc. made a very generous donation of $1,000 that will enable the OEF to provide eight additional bursaries in 2010! The OEF wishes to thank all auction contributors for supporting the OEF Youth Bursary program. Contributors included: A.L. Distributing, Artworks Paso Finos, Australian Shop, Barnboots, Bioniche Animal Health Canada, Brooks Feeds, Bruce & Sandra Brown, Cameron Advertising Displays, Canadian Horse Journal, Charlotte & Joseph Monardo, Colley, Borland & Vale Insurance Brokers Limited, Debbie Goldring, Delta Hotels, Dodge Rodeo Management, E3 Live for Horses, Equanimity Edge Equine Education, Equestrian Web Design, Equine Guelph/Office of Open Learning, Five Star Ranch, Freedman Harness, Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies Inc., Harmony Printing, Hidden Meadow Farm, Hilary Balmer, Hooves & Paws Photography, Horse Publications Group, Horsefeathers, Horsesmart International, HorseWorld Emporium, Ian Thompson, Intercity Insurance Services, J’Equine Sport Inc, Jack de Wit, Just Add Horses, KIDEUP - Certified Equine Massage, Knowlton Ridge Equestrian Centre, Kubota Canada Ltd., Lasting Memories, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., Marcia Barrett, Martin Mills, Masterfeeds, Media Edge, Milestone/Schneiders Saddlery, Morneau Sobeco, Myrddin Equestrian Centre, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ontario Basketball, Ontario Quarter Horse Association, PC Sales & Marketing, Red Scarf Equestrian, Ribbon Works, River Bend Designs, Schleese Saddlery Service, SSG Gloves, The Best Bandages, The Rider and Willson Lewis LLP.

The OEF would like to extend its gratitude to the individuals and companies that have partnered with the OEF and supported the 2009 Conference including: Title Sponsor – Intercity Insurance Services; Platinum Partners – Canadian Horse Journal, CASE IH, Elmira Farm Service Ltd., Green Tractors Inc., HorseCare Magazine, Huron Tractor, Horse Publications Group, Hutchinson Farm Supply, Kubota Canada Ltd., Masterfeeds, Picov’s Horseman Centre, SSG Gloves, System Fencing, Stalls & Equipment, The Rider; Gold Partners – ADM Alliance Nutrition, Aurora Wind Feeds, A.L. Distributing, Knowlton Ridge Equestrian Centre, The Pickering Horse Centre, River Bend Designs, StableComfort By Promat Inc.; Silver Partners – Can-Am Equine Marketing, Delta Meadowvale Resort & Conference Centre, Equine Massage Therapy by Diane, Just Add Horses, Willson Lewis LLP; Bronze Partners – Broadbent
Building, E3 Live for Horses, Equine Life Line, KIDEUP-Certified Equine Massage, Ontario Equine & Pet Cremation, PC Sales & Marketing, Copper Partners – Barnmice, Black Stallion Ranch, Bioniche Animal Health Canada Inc., Intervet Canada Corp. Lasting Memories Pet Memorial, Matélevage, Myrddin, Nelligan O’Brien Payne, Schleese Saddlery.

In addition, the OEF would also like to thank the Ontario Ministry of Heath Promotion, Ross Millar, Peller Estates and Zev for their contributions.

For more information about the OEF Annual Conference please visit

December 7, 2009
Contact: Melissa Monardo, 905-709-6545,




Street Souls Dance & Fitness Inc

Client Of The Month - Jacqueline S, Age 13


Have you ever been doing something you love then been told you can never do it because of an injury? better yet an injury your were told you had but then turned out you did not have? This past summer I had the pleasure of of working with 20 amazing individuals that left their blood sweat and tears on the dance floor. We put them through hell conditioning every morning and then dancing for 4 hours a day some days even more.

I first met Jacqueline at age 12 and mother Lucie owner of J'  this past summer  ready to take on the Touched by The Streets summer dance intensive program. The program was a 3 week dance program that took 20 dancers from all over North America and taught them the foundations of both Dance and Fitness with the help of last years partner Touch International Entertainment.

As fitness assessments moved forward and I got to know what the dancers goals were, this one dancer came up to me and said " I really enjoy dance but I find it hard because of a knee issue I was told I have by my doctor and Physiotherapist" I proceeded with the usual questions what do you have?, how long have you had it?, and does it hurt?  

I programmed for her knee injury which was diagnosed as "Patellar Femoral Syndrome (PFS)"  which, is when the knee cap does not move properly with in the grooves of the femur(thigh). As time went on she kept dancing, constantly icing when it got irritated and sat out on the side when it got to the point where it felt unstable which caused her knee to slip out of place every now and then. The exercises I had given her did not seem to be working but actually making it more painful at times. When that happened it sent of some senses that something else is wrong and we stopped the original exercise program. 

I thought to myself something does not seem right about all this and I decided to probe further into the situation. I thought it might have been something more then PFS and had my own ideas like a muscle imbalance or ACL tear. Seeing as how I am not certified to diagnose a problem I did some researching and decided to send her to a sports physiotherapist at Totem  in downtown Toronto.

While talking to Lucie(mother) I found out that dance is not the only activity Jacqueline takes part in she is actively involved in Equestrian Horse Riding, Figure Skating, and Dirt Biking all very different activities which all have different demands on the body.

As we spent a hour with the Physiotherapist from Totem is was determined that low and behold it was not PFS, it was a muscle imbalance that was causing the issue. Like a bent rim on a bike this example shows just how one small muscle can cause damage to the body.

It turned out her Gluteus Medius muscle was weak on her right side which was causing a shift in her hip, causing  her other muscles to pull her knee cap(patella) out of place when dancing.

I designed a special program for her focusing on body awareness and muscle balance to do during our morning workouts and back at the hotel  where we utilized the fitness center to help strengthen the weakened area and condition that area to become stronger. Later she started feeling more stable and feeling that she was not experiencing the same pain that had been bothering her before.

In a recent follow up with Jacqueline's mother I was told that she is still following her program that was given to her over the summer using swiss balls (exercise balls) and therabands (elastic tubing). Jacqueline's knee has been great and she is currently figure skating doing bigger tricks and feeling more confident that her body will not fail her in time of need. She also feels less pain when participating in other sports she loves like Dance, Dirt Biking and Dressage Riding.

I look forward to working with Jacqueline and her family in the near future as I will be developing a new Equestrian Strength and Conditioning Program for her and many other equestrian riders like herself.

Written by: Michael Meadows CPT 


Rating the Equine Industry

Originally posted in The Chatham Daily News

Posted Friday, Nov 20, 2009


J'EquineHorses are an important and large part of Lucie Burdon-Sereda's family.

The Blenheim-area resident has her two daughters involved the equine industry as competitive riders in dressage events.

Over the years, she has experienced, first-hand, the difficulty in finding the right fit when it comes to training facilities, instructors and veterinarians.

Burdon-Sereda has recently launched, a rating and review website for consumers to use as a resource to find and share information about services and products in the equine industry.

"If I knew 12 years ago what I know now, I probably would have saved myself a lot of money and stress," Burdon-Sereda said.

She said being able to find out more detailed information about the services business in the equine industry offer will help people find what is the right fit for them.

"All we want to do is ride and have fun with the horses and do best by them," she said.

A graduate with distinction from the Equine Sciences program at the University of Guelph, Burdon-Sereda said she didn't create the website to make money, but to fill a need for those in the equine community.

She said demographics show many new horse owners are educated women between the ages of 30-50 who have a lot of questions they want answered.

Burdon-Sereda said the website, which is part of the Better Business Bureau and The Canadian Internet Registry Association, attracted a lot of attention and new members from across North America during the recent Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

She said the website is intended to be a "positive forum. We're there to promote the good and the not-so-good to pull up their socks.

"We're just trying to open it up and make the sport a lot more friendly and more professional," she added.

Other aspects to the website includes having those in the equine industry register to become an Equine Business Professional Member.

Burdon-Sereda also offers equine management consulting services.

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